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England Cricket Tour to New Zealand 2018

Howzat Travel strongly believes in the importance of performing a pre-tour inspection on all elements of each tour. This inspection helps us to ensure that everything will be to your satisfaction. We hope the following report will…

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Full inspection from Charlie Barker

This would be my first inspection tour since joining Howzat Travel and it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. Although being ‘out of season’ for New Zealand – I got caught in -2-degree heat and a few rain showers – it was an incredible country to see. With tours having recently been released, I am confident they give the Howzat Traveller a fantastic range of options to see as much of the country as they desire.

The three-week tour took me to nine destinations, six in the North Island and three in the South. It also included 36 hours of driving, which was in no way a chore. The scenery in New Zealand is one of its major selling points and it really does not disappoint. The North is certainly breath-taking with rolling hills and beautiful farmlands, while the South was full of almost indescribable beauty. Large flat plains, surrounded by mountains, some of which have snow on the tips all year round!

Pre Event Inspection Reports

Each inspection report includes:
  • Comprehensive hotel information
  • City maps
  • Sightseeing suggestions for each city
  • Air travel advice
  • Local weather & currency information
  • Hospitality ticket information

Inspection Team

Charlie Barker
Charlie Baker

Travel Information

Information to consider

British passport holders can enter New Zealand as a visitor for up to 6 months on arrival without a visa, provided you can satisfy an Immigration Officer that you meet the requirements of the immigration rules. Visitors must have an onward ticket.

One thing I found while entering New Zealand is that they are very stringent on what you can bring into the country, even if bought at duty free or on your flight. Things like fruit and honey cannot be brought in the country.

More information can be found on the website of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

I had the pleasure of flying with the Samoan and New Zealand sevens rugby teams on their way back from the London Sevens on the flight from Dubai to Auckland. This was a great experience, until I had to follow them through the bio-check prior to leaving the airport. All the players had to remove their boots from their holdall luggage to show that they had been toughly cleaned and contained no remnants of ‘outside’.

Make sure all shoes that have been used for outdoor activities are cleaned well and contain no mud. I found running shoes were permitted, as long as you specified they were only used for road running.

Immigration Forms
To enter New Zealand, you will need to have completed an immigration form, which will be given to you during your outbound international flight. It’s worth keeping a pen handy for this. This form requires you to complete your personal and passport information, as well as information about what you are bringing into the country. You are then required to hand in this form to the immigration desk staff at your arrival airport.

Passport Validity
Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of one month from the date of exit from New Zealand. Furthermore, if you intend onward travel to other countries in the region, please note you are advised that entry into some countries may be refused, and airlines may not carry you, if your passport has less than six months validity.

This also affects passengers transiting some countries en route to/from New Zealand (i.e. if you pass through immigration and enter the transit country), such as Singapore. See the Travel Advice for Singapore.

For further information on entry requirements you should check with the Embassy or High Commission in London of the country you intend to visit/transit.

More information if required, can be found on the website of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Inspection Images

Adelaide-Barossa Valley
Adelaide-Barossa Valley
Phillip Island Penguins, Melbourne
Phillip Island Penguins, Melbourne

New Zealand use the New Zealand dollar as currency (which has the Queen’s face on the $20, if you feel homesick). These are easy to obtain while in the UK, or take some GBP and change it at the airport once you arrive in NZ. While I was there the exchange rate was around $1.80 to the pound.

ATMs are readily available in each destination. Remember to contact your card issuer before you depart. With banks and credit card companies more security-conscious than ever before, informing them beforehand that you intend to use your card abroad can save time, money and inconvenience once you are in New Zealand. You may also wish to use travellers’ cheques, which are widely received, or even pre-load a currency card (i.e. Post Office card) to use whilst on tour.

Weather. The North Island will be warm and fairly humid, with temperatures ranging from the mid-to-high 20’s. The South Island is known to be slightly cooler. New Zealand’s climate is not too dissimilar to our own, meaning there is always a chance of rain. Be sure to pack some waterproof clothing, as well as light clothing for hot days and sun cream.

Water. The tap water in New Zealand is perfectly drinkable. Make sure to carry bottled water with you as it will be very warm in March/April

Inspection Images

Cottesloe Beach, Perth
Cottesloe Beach, Perth
Sydney-Bridge Climb
Sydney-Bridge Climb

Similar to Australia, I never felt unsafe in New Zealand and it is known as a very safe country. However, you should always take the necessary precautions like you would at home in a city like London. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, then don’t risk it. Here are a few common-sense tips:

  • Do not leave bags/briefcases/luggage or valuable items unattended.
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash – carry travellers cheques or a card instead.
  • Leave passports/credit cards/valuables safely locked in the safe.
  • When swimming in the sea, only swim between red and yellow flags on patrolled beaches. We advise against swimming in the sea on non-patrolled beaches.
  • The ozone layer has been severely depleted over this part of the world, so one of the greatest dangers is the sun. Make sure you apply lots of sun cream and cover exposed parts of your body with light clothing. Ensure you take a sun hat with you.

Inspection Images

Sydney Cricket Ground
Sydney Cricket Ground
MCG, Melbourne
MCG, Melbourne

Departure Airport
We recommend you give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, bearing in mind it will be our winter and travel conditions may be affected. Despite check-in now being so streamlined, with the electronic check-in kiosks and bag drops, try to aim to get to the airport at least three hours before departure and maybe even consider staying at an airport hotel the night before.

Once you have checked in and passed through security, by all means enjoy the shops, bars and restaurants, but keep an eye on the information screens and make sure you allow at least 25 minutes to walk to your departure gate once your flight has been called for boarding.

Some airlines offer the facility to check-in online prior to travel. Check your e-ticket to see if you are able to do this.

The majority of our flights are one-stop, with a short layover approximately half way. Where you have your layover will depend on the airline (e.g. for Singapore Airlines is Singapore, for Emirates it is Dubai). When you are in transit at your layover airport, ensure you pay attention and follow the signs to catch your second flight. Your checked baggage will make its own way to the second flight, so you do not need to worry about it.

With a total flying time of 24 – 26 hours, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and take anything with you that will help you to make the flight more comfortable. Most airlines will supply blankets and eye masks, but you may wish to take an inflatable pillow to help you sleep. You may also wish to take precautions against deep vein thrombosis – like wearing special socks and ensuring that you move around from time to time.

You may wish to take your own entertainment such as books and magazines, but all airlines have their own onboard in-flight entertainment, which include movies, TV shows, music and games. Headphones are supplied but you can also use your own headphones/earphones if you prefer.

You will usually be served two meals during each flight, with alcoholic and soft drinks available for the duration of the flight.

During the flight, you will be asked to complete an immigration form, which you will then hand in at passport control at your destination airport. It’s worth keeping a pen handy for this.

Once you have collected your checked baggage from the carousel, make your way to the exit where a Howzat Travel representative will be clearly visible, and will direct you to your transport to take you to your hotel.

Domestic Flights
The check-in areas for domestic airlines are clearly signposted in all airports. There are machines in front of the check-in desks that offer you the facility to print your boarding card and change seats (where available) before checking your bags in.

Inspection Images

Adelaide Oval, Day-Night Game
Adelaide Oval, Day-Night Game
Adelaide-Barossa Valley
Adelaide-Barossa Valley
Cottesloe Beach, Perth
Cottesloe Beach, Perth

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